We have worked with many brands over the years such as Channel 4, HMV, 02 Music, British Council, Town Hall/Symphony Hall, Royal Festival Hall, Arts Council – Decibel, Clothes Show, Birmingham Film Festival, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, British Film Institute, Cargo - London, Channel 4’s Idea’s Factory, ITV, Commonwealth Film Festival, Fabric - London, Made in Britain, Maverick TV, Ministry of Sound, NEC Group, Radio 1 - One Live in Birmingham, Radio 1 - One Live in Nottingham, Southbank Arts Centre, Drum Arts Centre, The Imperial Cancer Research Fund, Urbium Group, Waterman's Arts Centre, Xlantic Music Group, Absolute Music, Universal Records and HMV to name a few.


We specialise in Branding, Marketing, Promotions, Music Development, Consultancy, Events Management, Curating Festivals, Programming, Media Buying, Non Profit Projects, Websites, Art & Design, Live Shows, Concerts, Tours, Exhibitions, and Workshops.


WE ARE A MUSIC DEVELOPMENT AND CREATIVE COMPANY, WE ALSO PRODUCE SHAANTI'S EASTERN ELECTRONIC FESTIVAL, SHAANTI.TV AND PRESENT A WEEKLY RADIO SHOW. Since February 2010, Shaanti 11 has been working with the arts and cultural sectors in the region. Providing great events to promote British Asian contemporary culture for the community and young people to access great arts experiences. We are committed to creating opportunities for artistic and music development through working with a variety of partners involved in the industry, including artists, arts organisations, art's and media forms, media professionals and for the community. Since 1999, the multi-award-winning Shaanti was first responsible for bringing new artists to the city, such as Nitin Sawhney, Talvin Singh, Wiley, Midival Punditz (India), Fun-Da-Mental and Asian Dub Foundation. Shaanti was also responsible for promoting the largest monthly program of South Asian music in Birmingham, London, Europe and India in the past 15 years championing and celebrating cutting edge music, arts and visual communication.

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We're always involved in some project or another, either producing it ourselves, or helping and consulting for someone else. Follow us here to check out our latest movements and what latest gossip we have to share. We love sharing!




You will be happy to know that after an amazing EE festival and postive response from our last event we have decided to bring Shaanti back to Alfie Birds (Custard factory) on the last Saturday of the month. Join us …

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new music live

On Saturday 17 May at the Custard Factory, Shaanti will be showcasing exciting new music commissions will be the crème de la crème of progressive artists including: Nathan Flute Box Lee, The Clinic, Arun Ghosh, Sonic Boom feat. Surinder Sandhu, Jason Singh and Abrar Hafiz. Supported by My Panda Shall Fly and Amit from Metalheadz, Exit Records.

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You can gain free entrance to the best events this spring by applying to work at Shaanti and the Eastern Electronic Festival as a member of our event staff or by joining us as an event volunteer! If you’re looking to get involved with the festival and events please contact us on info@easternelectronicfestival.co.uk and be part of something very unique and exciting!

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ADF 20! Image by Coco Edwards EEF 2014 (2)



As the official photographer of the Asian Dub Foundation, Coco has developed a unique relationship with the band, and has ultimately been granted unprecedented access to ADF’s most intimate moments. She has managed to capture never before seen footage of ADF on the road, behind the scenes, on stage and at home.

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Amerah Saleh ( Soul Poet)


heritage tour

Travel around Birmingham’s Central Canals and travel out into the Greenery of England’s Second City while being entertained with the beautiful overtones of Spoken Word artist Amerah Saleh, singer and songwriter Alisha Yasmin Kadir and musician Raju Mali.

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digital tv

Watch Layla Tutt, Driving Lolita, Shammi Pithia, My Panda Shall Fly, Maggie 8, Sister Elements and discover a brand new UK sound. Eastern Electronic Festival TV will premier on the festival’s website, and on our official YouTube Channel and on various social platforms from Friday 9th May 2014 at 8.00pm.

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  • With Shaanti’s expertise and knowledge of the music scene, help us tap into the market with confidence. Their professionalism sat snugly against their down to earth attitude and their innovative PR and marketing skills took the project to another level which made this compilation a international success.

    Duncan Collins (Ministry of Sound)
  • Their ability to stay at the cutting edge of arts and entertainment made them perfect collaborators for the Decibel Expo festival launch. With their unique hybrid of conceptual, popular and traditional artforms, they delivered a spectacular showcase that received a phenomenal reception from audiences and representatives of the arts community.

    Dianne Morgan (Arts Council, Decibel Expo)
  • ‘Shaanti was commissioned to organised the closing party for our project. They demonstrated a superb understanding of our needs and had a creative and professional approach. What was also excellent was their cutting edge fusion of live and remixed music inter-cut with iconic film imagery.’

    Cary Sawhney (British Film Institute)
  • Shaanti brought a different perspective and added an extra dimension that would not have been found elsewhere. Shaanti acted professionally, delivered beyond our expectations and we look forward to working with them in the future.'

    Andy Anderson (Channel 4 Ideas Factory)
  • "Shaanti is one of the most forward looking clubs in the world. It has its roots in one genre, but is always pioneering new sounds and thus forever evolving and keeping things interesting. For any serious music lover anywhere in the world this is the place to be right now.'

    Martin Morales (Outcaste Records)
  • ‘If one thing defines Birmingham club Shaanti it isn’t the sounds imported from the subcontinent but a rip up the rulebook approach that could only have come from the UK. Featuring grime, dub, hip-hop and drum’n’bass with an Asian twist and a punk attitude, this is the most exciting and vital cultural crossover since The Clash discovered reggae.

    Dj Magazine