Fully knowing the importance of daytime raves for club culture, we decided to launch a brand new event in Birmingham. Every once a month, the daytimer is back for a hot and sweaty session, giving this epic 80s movement a brand new lease of life!

Back in 1988, “daytime raves,” were taking over clubs. Behind the doors of sweaty, bass-filled venues, young men and women dancing together with abandon to then-popular songs from U.K. With kids even bunking off school to attend gigs. So flash-forward to the present day, honouring such a tradition we decided to produce Birmingham’s first regular daytimer, Brunch’in and Hip Hop and most recently Brunch’in and UK Garage with Heartcrew (DJ Fonti).

In April 2017, the community first came together and expressed themselves at various secret underground locations across Digbeth, for the love of Hip Hop.

The Brunch’in Brand is a celebration of the 90’s & 00’s, a place where we salute heroes of the Urban music scene and present the DJs of the future to a full-house, every month. On stage, legends have been born, careers have been extinguished, and history has been made. As long as the beats are on fire, Digbeth will be jumping all day long.

Our events also touches on the essence of a festival vibe, as sitting alongside the baddest playlist also presents the biggest chefs from the UKs Street Food industry, a wicked 80s Retro Arcade Games Area, a Basketball Zone (for real – shot some hoops while bouncing to a beat) and Bottomless Cocktails made by team of experienced Mixologists, for the early Brunch crowd.

The Brunch’in brand recently expanded with the launch of Hip Hop Diner (their evening version, launched on 25 November 2017) and Brunch’in and UK Garage (launched on 27 February 2018) with headline act Heartless Crew (DJ Fonti), Brunch’in is a strong reminder of why these events are so significant for a generation.

For further infomation about Brunch’in and Hip Hop, Brunch’in & UK Garage or Hip Hop Diner  please get in touch via our Facebook page.

To find out more about our innovative programing or if you would like to discuss a project with us please email us at music@shaanti.co.uk