Food and Music Forge the Ultimate Superbrand

Two visions- and the passion to create innovative festivals for a street food collaboration is how Taste and Liquor was cooked up! For the first time, Shaanti – a self-funded company responsible for bringing art, music and events to community – has expanded to create some buzzworthy festival-inspired calendar with experimental food organisers Taste and Liquor. Launched with a series of innovative gatherings back in May 2014, the combination of both teams vision went on to become one the UK’s most respected partnerships.

While this union of music and creative arts with food and beverage may seem a bit odd, the results has actually become decidedly successful. As food goes hand-in-hand with music and culture, both sides of the equation are left with a mutually beneficial relationship resulting in producing some of the biggest independent events across the West Midlands and beyond, the collaboration has paved the way to producing some the regions biggest events including Brunch’in and Hip Hop and Hip Hop Dinner.

Their street food union has taken over countless of warehouse spaces, arches, disused car-arches, heritage sites and regional pubs across the West Midlands, as both Shaanti and Taste and Liquor create new ideas to bring in vast amounts of communities into the city.

Each project fires out an unique hub of independent pop-up street food, bars and music concepts which form some of Birmingham’s biggest festivals including: Brum’s Big Fat Pizza Festival – Midlands first annual Pizza Festival Pizza, now in it’s third year.

Mr Hyde’s National Burger Day Birmingham as part of My Hyde’s National Burger Day, now in its third year.

Birmingham Wing Fest, a battle of the chicken wing! now in it’s third year.

Wolverhampton’s first Fire and Meat Festival at Starworks Warehouse, launching in Dec 2017.

Digbeth Gin and Meat Festival, now in it’s second year.

The UK’s first Women in Street Food Festival (as part of Women’s International Day), now in it’s second year.

The BBQ and Beer Feast, now in its second year.

And the Midlands first ever festival dedicated to the humble Kebab – Kebabingham

Why the need to expand? In the end, the benefit comes down to segmentation and increasing reach. Specifically, it comes down to the fact that Shaanti has access to a community on a level that is unparalleled by most others. Being able to combine not only one but two shared interests into one expressive, creative event, festival or pop-up not only brings us together with like-minded individuals, but also continues to push the creative envelope for those looking to keep the new audiences engaged.

So what’s next? Dissecting the pair’s mutually beneficial partnership, street food and festival collaboration, Taste and Liquor and Shaanti are so hot right now, and the duo is just warming up!2018 is set to get bigger and better as the team and gearing up to expand their vision with a number of residential pockets across the UK.

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