Our aim is to inspire people to take creative challenges to shape the future

Since 1999, we have change the fabric of British Asian culture and have empowered and supported our communities young people with a number of outreach projects and educational projects. Every year we engage with future leaders to believe in their craft, to train in new skills, to empower their mind set as they’re the future of the music scene.



Our approach is clear: to develop and deliver best-practice training for a new generation with a number of skills based educational outreach programs and cutting-edge projects. Our unique designed training projects sets the bar for positive youth development with exciting engagement programs like, Youth Music Master Class with Steel Bangelz, Engage! School Tour, Empowerment Through Music Workshops, Electronic Music Workshop With Tigerstyle, Spring Jam – designed for pre-school children and famlies, and most recently Shaanti TV, the UK’s first online television channel produced by young adults.

Shaanti_spring_jam_workshopOur careful designed projects gives young people who experience barriers to learning and communicating support to realise their potential. We help youth strengthen their skills and focus on positive behaviours and beliefs by giving them the opportunity to take leadership and enterprise roles. Perhaps most importantly, they experience the fulfilment of having their ideas matter.

Get involved with our venture to empower young people, or to partner with future projects then email us on music@shaanti.co.uk